Monday, January 21, 2013

BLT Pasta Salad Recipe

 This pasta salad is creamy, smokey, and slightly sweet. Oh, and it's downright delicious.


 I have to give credit where it's due for this dressing. I learned how to make it from my step-mom and it has been life changing. So good! In a small bowl you'll need to mix together your mayo, sugar, liquid smoke, and vinegar. Mix until well combined and then stick in the refrigerator until you're done with everything else. You could even make it the day before to let the flavors really sit and blend. 

 Then it's just a matter of getting everything else ready. Cook your pasta, fry up your bacon, and dice your tomatoes and celery. Oh, yeah...where's the lettuce? Well, I thought lettuce wouldn't hold up too well. So, the celery is acting as the lettuce. Same color, crunch, and flavor, right? 

 Once everything is prepped, add your pasta and diced ingredients into a large bowl. 

 Pour on that beautiful dressing and mix away. 

 You can serve it immediately or chill until you're ready to have it. So easy to whip up and the flavor is amazing. I love BLT everything, I've decided. 

Until next time.


  1. I havent made the salad version in forever. I never knew to add vinegar! Yum. Jealous

  2. What a wonderful pasta salad. Perfect for a weeknight meal. :) It's so colorful too. I just love it.

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