Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Ideas From Etsy

 Since I've been just laying around quite a bit, I've spent a lot of time Christmas shopping on the Internet. I honestly haven't even been to a single store to actually do any Christmas shopping...not that I've really bought anything online at this point either. What I'm trying to say is that I haven't even started my shopping. Shh! It's gonna be okay. Just say a little prayer for me. However, I did find some fun gift ideas on one of my favorite sites, Etsy. Although there isn't much time left to order a lot of these items, maybe they can still help.

There are a ton of different shops on Etsy that have fun homemade nail polishes. It's a great place to look if you want a new color you might have not seen previously. 

Home brewing has become pretty popular lately. This store sells customized beer bottles that will help making that home brewing experience a little more special. 

Well, if you know someone who loves their pets like I do then you know they'll love this gift.

Just a cute idea for someone who loves to cook or just loves their home state.

Calendars are a go-to idea. So, why not find a really creative calendar? I love this one!
Pfft, it's just cute!

ALSO - Etsy now offers gift cards! So, even if it is a little too late to order some items in time for Christmas, you can always get a gift card for the Etsy lover. I should totally be a spokesperson for Etsy...or am I already?

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