Monday, November 5, 2012

Recipe Monday

 My mom used to make this as a side for us during the fall season. It's an easy and delicious way to prepare acorn squash. 


 Cut your squash in half and scoop out all of the seeds and such. 

 Use you knife to scrap little lines into the squash. You're not cutting it completely, just barely scratching the surface. This will allow for all the flavor to soak into the squash. What flavor, you ask? Well, let's find out.

 Add 1/2 tablespoon of butter to each half. 

 Then sprinkle in 3 teaspoons of brown sugar into each half. 
Oh, and I also sprinkled a little salt over each of these. It adds a nice flavor. 

Put a little bit of water in the bottom of your pan then roast these at 375°F for about 1 hour.
This will depend on the size and amount of squash that you're roasting. Just check to make sure that you can poke it easily with a fork when it comes out of the oven.

 When you first pull them out of the oven, spoon some of the melted butter and sugar mixture over your squash. All those little lines you made before will help to soak it in. 

 I remember my mom just giving us each a half, so that's the way I like to serve it. Scrape the squash off the sides and mix it in with the butter and sugar. It just looks more festive served up this way.

Easy and delicious roasted acorn squash. 
You know you want to make it. 

Until  next time.


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