Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 37}

1 & 2. Since I forgot to show off my instagrams for last week, I never got to mention our new foster dog. Her name is Pinky and she's the sweetest thing. She's a beagle/dachshund mix. She loves going on car rides and it makes me giggle when she sticks her head out the window and her ears fly up. She actually just got adopted yesterday, so we don't have her anymore. But we got to spend two weeks with this awesome dog.

3 & 4. Molly and Pinky got along really well. I loved it. They would play together and just hang out. It was pretty cute to watch them. When they would go to the dog park, Pinky would follow Molly around whenever she'd run off someplace. So precious. It's hard to tell if Molly misses her a lot because I think Molly is always perfectly content with going back to being the only dog in the house. 

5. Kyle and I went to a concert with some friends this week. It was our anniversary present to each other. We went to see Bad Books which is band made up of Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra. Awesome music and an awesome show.

6. Kyle won a free t-shirt! One of our favorite shows on TV right now is Bob's Burgers. They have been having little contests here and there where you can win a free shirt and Kyle finally snagged one. He's been trying for awhile. Free is always good.

Crohn's/Life Update:
Here's the thing, I try to keep it pretty positive when it comes to blogging. This is a blog about sharing things that I love to do more than sharing my personal feelings. Can I let you guys in on a secret though? It has been a rough week. A really rough week. Maybe even a rough couple of weeks. I've tried staying positive when it comes to this clinical trial, but it is either not helping or I just didn't get the worm. So, I've been feeling pretty physically ill. This starts a cycle. When I feel sick physically, I start to get worn down mentally and then I just start to shut down completely. I hate apologizing for my lack of posting, but I promise it's not because I've lost interest or am just lazy. I lose content when I am unable to do things due to being sick or due to lack of money. Money is the last thing I want to talk about on here, but let's just say that it's one more thing that I'm not feeling so good about. Okay, okay. Enough sharing. Let's go back to being happy.

I will have a recipe for you tomorrow though! You can count on that.

Until next time.

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