Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 36}

1. Last Sunday we got to take a quick trip up to Los Angeles. We went to check out an art display from an artist that I've been following for awhile. It was exciting to see his work in person and it was exciting to get to see L.A. for the first time. I didn't get to see a lot of it, but we'll definitely be going back.

2. Just a picture of Molly. You know, to show how cute she is, like always.

3. I received a package from my mom this week. It was full of a bunch of fall goodies and decorations. I was so excited to get it and I've already put a lot of the decorations out. Of course, some of them are for Thanksgiving, so I'll have to wait on those. It is still getting up into the 90's here. So, it's definitely not feeling like fall yet.

4. My friend painted my nails this week (which is becoming a regular thing) and I absolutely love them.

5. I made this pie (sour cream apple pie) earlier in the week. It was delicious. I love pies. I really do. I think they're one of my favorite things to bake. Don't let cupcakes know that I said that.

6. I also made these cookies (cookies n cream cookies) yesterday.  I wanted to bake something for dinner with Kyle's family, but I didn't have very many options. Cookies with Oreo bits baked into them? I can live with that.

Crohn's Update:
This past week was the first week that I could possibly have the whipworm in me. That sounds terrifying. It's exciting though! I have been feeling pretty good this week, so I'm hoping I did get the worm and that my health will just continue to go up. Remission would be so awesome.

Until next time.


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