Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 35}

1. I had my colonoscopy this week, which you heard all about on Wednesday. That's going to be my Crohn's update for the week, so if you're looking for that then head back to that post and give it a read. I actually had 4 different medical appointments this week. So, that's basically all that I did this week.

2. Appointments and baking. That is all that I did this week. This is some awesome carob chip banana oatmeal bread. Have you ever used carob chips? I came across them while picking up extra supplies to make the bread and thought I'd give them a shot. I really like them. A lot.

3. See? More baking. Later in the week I made carob chip cookie bars. Way too awesome. We may have finished the dish of them already. Oops.

4. Scooter went to a new foster home. We kept him for the week and could keep him longer since he didn't get adopted this weekend. We ended up not keeping him or taking another dog this week to give ourselves a break. I know, you're thinking that it has only been two weeks and we're pathetic. Well, I didn't expect to be feeling so miserable lately AND I just started taking the medicine in the clinical trial (well, I hope). I just want to make sure there aren't going to be any horrible side effects before I commit to another foster dog. Scooter needs an awesome home and I hope he can find one. Our yard was a little difficult for him to get around in. 

I have a full week of blogging planned! Well, almost. 
Check back tomorrow for a delicious new soup recipe and I found something to attempt from Pinterest that I'll be sharing on Friday. 

Until next time.


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