Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 34}

1. We had to say goodbye to Cheeto this week. Oh, did I mention that we renamed him Cheeto instead of Tito? Yep. Well, anyway, he was adopted on Saturday. I'm excited for him because that's the whole point behind what we're doing. He did set a pretty high bar for all the other dogs though. Or we just shouldn't expect for them to be as well behaved and loving as him. Either way, he was a great first foster dog and we miss him. 

2. Molly is still adorable and still sits in the strangest ways.

3. I'm sorry you didn't hear from me very much this week. This is why. Well, this picture represents why. I felt pretty miserable the majority of the time. My stomach is at war, I think. The pains that I've been feeling are pretty awful. Sorry to whine about it. It's just been a rough week.

4. My glasses came this week! I love them both. They're huge, but I love them. 

5. I made some chicken chili. I was going to take photos and post the recipe, but I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Well, let me tell you, it was some tasty chili. I'll definitely have to make it again in the future. Probably once it cools down more. Come on, California. Stop being so nice.

6. We got our new foster dog! His name is Scooter. His back legs don't work quite right, so they raised money to get him wheels. Yesterday was his first day with them and he's doing so well. He's a happy little dog and he loves cuddling with Kyle. It's adorable. I hope someone adopts him soon because he really deserves a home where someone will give him a ton of attention and lots of lovings. 

Crohn's Update:
I feel like I left you hanging the last time that I updated on my Crohn's. Well, I'm still going to leave you hanging this time. I will give you a little more information though! I'm taking part in a clinical trial. Well, trying to. I've gotten the okay with being a part of it for awhile now, but then something keeps delaying it actually starting. This week I found out that they just changed the requirements and now I am required to get a colonoscopy before starting the trial. So, now I'm getting that done tomorrow. My second. Ugh. I'm not excited, but it's part of getting better, I suppose.

Until next time.


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