Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 32}

1. We got our stove! Well, kind of. It is in our house at least. We need to get some adapters to actually hook it up. I'm just ready to bake and cook! I'm going crazy. 

2. We've been taking Molly to a local dog park. It's really fun. She was a little stressed the first time. I think it was just because she's never been to one before, so the idea really confused her. She gets along fine with the people and dogs, but she just feels like she has to stick by my side the whole time. She's getting better and better about it each time. We're definitely going to make it a regular thing. 

3. I made some pulled pork tacos topped with some homemade coleslaw. After making and eating these, I immediately regretted not taking pictures of the process for my blog! They were super tasty. I'll have to make them sometime again in the future so that I can share the recipe on here.

4. I found a tutorial that used foil and a straightener in order to get beautiful curls. Of course, like most tutorials that involve curls, it didn't work out. Maybe I need to be more patient or maybe my hair just isn't meant to curl. It was a mess and quite embarrassing. 

5. They have Food Truck Friday every week near where we live. I am so excited to live somewhere that actually has an abundance of food trucks. I ate from the Asian Persuasion truck. I got a massive fish burrito that turned into two meals. It was delicious and I'm excited about trying more food trucks.

6. I made some delicious cookies with my friend yesterday evening. This is why I need an oven! I miss baking so much. Oh my goodness, and I don't even think I told you all. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer now! It belonged to Kyle's grandma and got passed down to us. So excited! Oh, and if you want to make these tasty cookies, here's the recipe we used

Until next time.


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