Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute Puppies and Colonoscopies

I'm going to talk to you about my colonoscopy that I had at the beginning of this week. I know that's not information that everyone looks forward to hearing about, so here are some cute puppies to make hearing about it easier. 
Let me just first complain by saying that the prep for the colonoscopy is the absolute worst part of it. I can handle being on the toilet all day (I mean, that's not too unusual for me now anyway) and I can handle being on a clear liquid diet for 24 hours. It's the actual prep drink that is the worst. It has a funky taste and an oily texture. And you have to drink about a gallon of it. 

So, I managed to get through my prep. Once you get through the prep, you're feeling pretty good because the worst is over. Oh, did I mention that this is my second colonoscopy? Yeah, I had to get one last year which led to my Crohn's diagnosis.

The second worst part about the colonoscopy (for me) is the anesthesia. I hate being put under for a procedure. I mean, I'd rather be put under than feel pain, but I always get terrified. Just the idea of it freaks me out. This is a different sort of anesthesia, but last time I was out completely. So, I expected the same this time around. 

I was awake for the whole dang thing! Well, loopy, but awake! They gave me the anesthesia and I kept waiting to just pass out. All of a sudden, I see my insides on the screen in front of me. I thought, "oh, I guess this is happening." Nothing was really bothersome about it, so I know I was definitely under the affects of the anesthesia. It just really surprised me. All of a sudden they were done. I mentioned to the lady that I was surprised that I never fell asleep. She told me that she's met several patients who said the same thing happened to them their second time versus their first. 

Since I was awake (kind of) during the whole procedure, I knew what to expect to hear from the doctor. I saw everything for myself. There was a lot of irritation. A lot of ugly intestines. I mean, it all kind of looks ugly, but it was abnormally ugly. A lot worse than last time. 

The doctor came out and showed me my chart. There was a little drawing of intestines and they were covered with different markings showing where irritation or ulcerations were found. Last time I only had two major areas which led to them suspecting it might be Crohn's. This time there was no question about it. He also added on Ulcerative Colitis, which is another irritable bowel disease that is treated very similarly to Crohn's. I was pretty shocked because I had no idea that you could have both. 

So, this all means that now I can finally take part in the clinical study. I'll be receiving either treatment or a placebo for the first 12 weeks, but then that's followed by another 12 weeks of definite treatment. Have I mentioned what the treatment is yet? I could potentially be ingesting the whipworm. Yep. I'd go into more detail, but I ran out of pictures. 

Hope the puppies made this conversation more bearable. 

 Until next time.

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  1. good trick using cute puppies to make me read this! ;]