Friday, September 28, 2012

As promised...

 I did it! Finally got back around to doing a project from Pinterest. Hopefully I can stick with it and have a new project to share with you every Friday. Even if it is something little. I'll also be attempting more recipes, I think. I pin a lot of recipes. Blog addict, remember? Okay, here's what we're attempting today.

 Here's what you'll need.

  Yes, it's a headboard made out of cardboard. Pretty cool, right? I thought it was. And easy. And cheap. Start by covering up any gaps in the cardboard. Luckily, we had boxes left over from the move, but they all had gaps where they fold. I just covered them with a little bit of duct tape.

 I took the suggestion from the original source and cut out the pattern that I wanted onto a piece of newspaper. This way you can use it for both sides to make sure that it looks the same. Also, then you don't have to free hand it and be upset if you mess it up.

  I cut two pieces of newspaper on top of each other, so I ended up with two identical pieces. Then I just taped them down in the area where I needed to cut.

Then use your box cutter and cut along the outline of the newspaper.

At this point you have your headboard! Now you need to dress it up a bit.

 Wrap your fabric around the piece of cardboard. I strayed a little from the original tutorial on this part. I would suggest maybe checking out how she did it. 

 Pull your fabric tightly around the edges and secure with thumb tacks. 
Please, make sure that the thumb tacks didn't come out the other side. It wouldn't be pleasant to scratch yourself on these during the middle of the night.

Then you're done! I know, mine isn't as cute as the picture that I pinned. I'm going to work on it. I think there were a few spots where I failed to pay attention to detail.
1. I didn't cut drastically enough. The design I cut needs to go down farther on each side and to be more bold in general.
2. I didn't use a very good method of securing the fabric. Because of this, you can barely see the design that I cut at all! 

It's still a cute idea and completely my fault for not turning out the way that I wanted.
If I make some adjustments and it gets better, I'll make sure to show you. 

Until next time.


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