Monday, August 20, 2012

Recipe Monday

I don't mean to brag, but the produce selection in California is pretty awesome. I just had to start my jump back into Recipe Monday by making a quick and easy salad. 


I used two small heirloom tomatoes for this. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. I'm sure this salad would be delicious with any of them. Slice up your tomatoes. 

Then slice up your peach. I only used one peach for this recipe, but I was also only making two small side salads. This is a pretty easy recipe to adjust considering there is no cooking involved. 

Arrange your sliced tomatoes and peach so that they alternate. You want to be able to get to both whenever you take a bite. 

Dice up some fresh basil and sprinkle it right on top of the peach and tomato.

Then grate some fresh mozzarella on top as well. Go ahead and use shredded mozzarella if you'd like, but shredding your own fresh mozzarella isn't that much work and it's MUCH tastier. 

Grab some balsamic vinaigrette and pour a little right over your salad. Balsamic glaze would also be delicious which you can even make yourself just by reducing some balsamic vinegar. 

That's it, folks. A quick, easy, and delicious side salad. Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to tell  you how much I love all of these flavors together. They blend perfectly. I served it up with some simple grilled chicken and it made for a delightful meal. 

 Until next time.


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