Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 31}

1. You know the recipe I shared on Monday? Yeah, I've already made it again. It's so good and a perfect snack or meal during warm weather. This time I diced everything up and made it more in the style of a bruschetta. So dang good. In case you missed it, go check out that recipe

2. We went to the beach again this week. This time was a little more adventurous though. Kyle got stung by a stingray! Okay, it's really not as exciting or scary as it sounds. It's basically a rite of passage when you live in this area. He just had to quickly place it under some really hot water for about 30 minutes in order to prevent it some spreading which would just result it hurting worse and for way longer. 

3. Molly still loves all of the windows in our family room. 

4. We have a bunch of different trees and plants that grow all kinds of goodies for us close by. I learned this week that the vines behind our house grow champagne grapes! They're smaller than normal grapes and much more tart. It's exciting though and I'm definitely going to have to find lots of reasons to use these. 

5. I cut my bangs all by myself. My sister had cut them for me previously and now that I don't have her close by, they were getting way too long. I felt like touching up my bangs is something I should be able to do myself. With a lot of panicking, patience, and youtube videos I managed to do an okay job. Phew.

6. We had another wedding to go to this week! It's so exciting to see Kyle's friends getting married. It reminds me of the summer where a lot of my friends got married. It's just an interesting point in your life. Also, I love watching the bride walk down the aisle and seeing the expression on her face as she realizes all of these people from completely different points in her life have some together to celebrate this occasion. It sounds lame, but that's such an amazing feeling. Oh, and the location was amazing. It's definitely a spot we plan on going back to. 

Crohn's Update:
So, despite not having medical insurance right now, I may have an option. I'll update you as I can, but just for now know that I am attempting to get this under control with the options I have available to me. It is actually a really exciting option, so let's all hope together that it works out! The first week out here I was feeling pretty good, but my symptoms have slowly started to catch up with me. In fact, this past week was quite miserable. My good friend actually sent me a blog that she found and thought of me while reading. I want to share this particular post with you in order to express exactly how I feel currently with the whole situation. Check it out here.

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