Friday, August 17, 2012

Molly's First Beach Trip

Molly is not a big fan of water. That might be an understatement, but hate is such a strong word. Okay, she probably hates water. I was still excited to be able to take her to the dog beaches around the area in hopes that maybe she'd love that water for some reason. It's been pretty hot in the area we live and the beach gives you a break from that heat. These are things that are impossible to explain to a dog. 
At first I thought it might not be so bad. She ran right into the sand like she was ready to go. But as soon as we got close to the water, she started to run the other way. 

So, then we decided to be nice and just place her in the water. She immediately pulled away and would tug until she was able to get out. 

At this point she was muddy and not impressed at all. I'm sure she was wondering why we took her to this massive bath just to torture her. 

We were persistent though. This time I picked her up and held her as we went into the water. I'd slowly lower down so that her back started to go into the water. She didn't panic. So far, so good. I put her down to swim towards Kyle and then back towards me. She did it! She looked a little clumsy and water was flying everywhere, but as long as she made it to into our arms then she seemed pretty content. 

Maybe she'll never be a fan of playing in the water, but I think she did begin to realize that it was a nice way to cool down. She was still excited to leave when it was time (a.k.a when horses walked by and she freaked out). 

Then she had to take a bath when she got home and went back to hating water all over again.

Oh well.

Until next time.

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  1. Aw. I’m sure Molly would get used to the water soon. I would suggest to make this trip a regular routine, so he can be familiar with the environment. The beach can be a good place for pets, too. The large sand area is great for walking your dog and giving him running exercises.