Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Want It Wednesday

Here's the deal. Our house is not put together at all and it will probably be awhile before it is. That made it pretty easy for me to decide what I wanted this Wednesday. A put together, fully decorated and furnished home. To express this, I've made the decision to show you our house as it is right now. No judging. This is a judge free zone. These pictures will be my "before" photos and then hopefully sometime in the not too far future, we'll have some awesome "after" photos. 

Okay, judge away. 

The family room. My favorite room. Look at those windows! Although you see piles of things on the floor, I am proud of those piles. They are much lower than they were two weeks ago when we piled everything in here for the first time. I have lots of things in mind for this room. It's just a matter of time...and money.

Our kitchen is pretty cute. It's wider than our previous kitchen and has much more cabinet space. It does have quite a bit less counter space though. That's just cause we had an awesome breakfast bar in our apartment. There is something quite large missing right now. Yep, a stove. We have one. It just needs to actually make it into our home. I think the plan is to have it here by the weekend.

The laundry room. I don't really have plans for this room, but it definitely needs something.

The bathroom is small, but nice! I went out and bought a curtain rod for the shower. I thought gold would be nice with the brown tones. I guess I forgot to look at the fixtures that were already in there. Oops. I'll have to be creative to make the most out of this space. 

Extra bedroom. This will eventually be an office/craft room/Molly's room. I'm thinking about painting the wood paneling. 

This is our living room. Well, it will be our living room. We're currently providing a storage area for Kyle's aunt and uncle. They live in Colorado and will be going back shortly, but have quite a bit to take back with them. Luckily, this has given me time to pretend like this room doesn't exist, so that I don't have to think about the fact that I have no plans for this room. 

And finally, the main bedroom. Well, at least part of it. But it is basically just a bed right now. Definitely needs something done to it, so that it feels a little more like our bedroom. No, Molly, not your bedroom.

That's it. Well, most of it. We do have a lot of yard work ahead of us as well. I'm excited to get things done, but I did want to share it with you the way it is currently. Now you can help motivate me to get this house put together to prove that it won't always look this way. It's adorable by itself, but I'm definitely ready to turn it into our home.

Until next time.


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