Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 28}


1. I made homemade chicken and noodles for the first time this week! Well, for the first time completely by myself. I've grown up around them being made at least a couple times each year. So, I had a pretty good understanding of what I needed to do. The scariest part to me was making the noodles. This is a picture of them drying out and they kind of look like french fries. I think my dough was a little too dense, but they ended up turning out to be pretty good. Oh, and if you're thinking of chicken noodle soup then you're totally wrong. I've realized that this version of chicken and noodles is a very regional thing. I'll have to make it for you guys sometime to show you how it's done.

2. Molly got sick again at the beginning of this week. I just thought she was a little stressed out, but she actually ended up having just an upset stomach. We spent a few days just keeping an eye on her, feeding her a bland diet, and hoping she didn't make a mess everywhere. She's doing much better now!

3. I made some of my guacamole this week and it was delicious despite the fight I had to go through to get the avocados to mash up. When we bought the avocados the choice was ridiculously bad. So, these were not quite as ripe as I would like them to be. Plus they were about $1.75 a piece. Oh, California. I am looking forward to having awesome avocados available all the time. If you have some decent avocados and need a recipe to make some guacamole then make sure to check out mine!

4. My sister and her boyfriend came to visit on Friday. We all went out to sushi for lunch then got some frozen yogurt afterwards. It was a really good time, but it's still weird to think that my sister is able to drive to me to hang out. And she came with a boyfriend. How is she this old already? Okay, now I'm just embarrassing her.

Crohn's Update:
I think I might be doing less of these updates until something happens. Obviously we know that I won't be getting much medical assistance until we move, get new insurance, and find a new doctor. For the most part I'm still having some pretty upsetting side effects. If for some reason we find out that this isn't Crohn's later on then I hope we can figure out whatever it is. All I know is that what I feel is real and that it really does affect my everyday life. I know that right now the stress of everything isn't helping, but again, once we move I'm hoping that maybe everything will calm down a little. 

Until next time.


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