Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Want It Wednesday

My understanding of and love for local agriculture has grown an overwhelming amount in the past year.  I became passionate about attending the Farmer's Market and also paying attention to local produce available at grocery stores. 

The problem is that I feel so limited. Yeah, when you think of Indiana you think of farming. But the season for great local produce is pretty limited. The Farmer's Markets are only available for part of year and then there's along time to go without that option. I've pined over the idea of being part of a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) and to have an abundance of local produce available all year. The idea behind a CSA is that you pay a fee that will go towards supporting local agriculture. In return these local farms associated with your particular CSA will provide a weekly stash of produce for you. 

That's what I want this Wednesday. To be a part of a CSA. Of course, it's not going to happen this Wednesday, but I have already looked into this opportunity for when we move to California. The picture above is an example of a box (for 2-3) that came from the CSA I would support if we choose to do this (source: The Handy Hippie). It's also something to just feel good about doing. 

Plus, I feel like getting a box with something new in it every week will make me feel like I'm a contestant on Chopped.
You've met your match, Ted Allen. 

Until next time.


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