Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Want It Wednesday

Have we talked about my love for scarves before? Because it's very strong and deep and wide and whatever words can you can use to describe BIG. I had a problem for awhile and ended up with quite a few scarves in a short amount of time. I have since cut myself off and tried to just make use of the variety of scarves I already own. Oh, and when I talk about scarves I mean fashion ones, not the ones that keep you warm. Well, I love the warm ones for winter as well and have quite a few of those too. Don't judge me.

As I was thinking about my love for scarves, I remembered about a business my mom introduced me to awhile ago. Sari Bari runs with the mission to stop human trafficking. Specifically, they provide a place for woman in India who are subjected to sex trade. Not only to do they provide a safe environment for these women, they also provide them a job by letting them show their talents through making different gorgeous items. I own a purse for them, so I knew I would probably love their scarves. I was right. 

All of these scarves sell for $37.99, but if you check them out right now there are quite a few on sale! 

This is what I want this Wednesday. A gorgeous scarf from Sari Bari. I also would love for you all to go check out their website. Even if the products don't necessarily interest you, the cause might and that's way more important anyway. So, go, shoo, give it a look! 

Until next time.


  1. what a lovely post!
    i love vintage lighweight scarves, i have a small collection building up, they go with so many outfits!
    and i will defiantly check out Sari Bari! x

  2. What lovely scarves and such a worth wild cause too!