Friday, May 11, 2012


My hair is straight. I mean, completely straight and boring. It'll barely hold a curl and I'm always looking for new techniques to get it to curl or to even be wavy. So, I was really crossing my fingers and hoping that this idea I found on Pinterest would work out for me.

You'll want to start out with damp hair. My hair was a little too wet because it ended up still being a little damp in the morning. Oops. 

For extra hold and volume, I used some mousse. I think adding some sort of product would help the overall outcome to be more put together looking. Also, it'll help the curls to hold for longer. Hopefully. Still crossing my fingers at this point. 

Now for the sock part of this tutorial. Find an extra sock laying around that has lost its partner. Cut off just the toe part of the sock. 

Then start rolling the sock. 

Keep rolling until you're left with this little sock doughnut. 

Pull your up completely, as if you're putting it into a high ponytail. Put the end of your hair through the sock doughnut and start rolling your hair around it and down.  It will feel like it's not going to work at first, but trust me. Somehow it's magic and it all comes together.

It might not look the prettiest, especially since your hair will be damp. You also might need to tuck in my some hairs. The original tutorial suggested putting your hair in an actual ponytail at first then rolling it. I didn't do this because I didn't want a big crease where the ponytail holder had been all night.

The original tutorial also suggested doing two buns. One on top and one in back. Well, i think my hair is a little too thin for this and it was just falling out everywhere when I split it up into two buns. 

So, instead I put it all up into one big bun. I also style my hair this way sometimes. Well, my hair would usually be dry and I would make sure it looks more put together. BUT using a sock like this is an awesome way to get the perfect bun. 

Keep your hair in the bun all night. Amazingly, my hair had pretty much stayed in place throughout the night. Now it was time to see how it looks once the bun comes out.

Yay curls! Well, waves at least. So far it seems like a pretty easy and good idea for getting your hair to have a little curl without too much hassle. Like I said, my hair was a little damp still in the morning. I will make sure to start out with my hair a little more dry the next time. Doesn't look too bad though, right? I'll definitely be trying this again. 

Until next time. 


  1. Isn't pinterest wonderful?! This worked out so beautifully on your locks! I cannot wait to have my length back so that I can start playing with more styles.

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  2. You so Prettty! It turned put awesome!!