Friday, May 4, 2012


For this project you're going to need some nail polish, painters tape, a glass, and a cup or container full of water. A nail polish project two weeks in a row! Can you tell I have a lot of nail polish on hand?

Apply the painters tape around the outside of your glass. Keep just the bottom showing. I might have went a little overboard when it came to applying the tape, but I was scared it was going to drip a lot. Spoiler alert: it barely dripped at all. 

Place drops of your choice of nail polish into the water. Layer the drops on top of each other. 

Then use a toothpick to GENTLY swirl around the nail polish. Seriously, be careful. It will just pick up all of the nail polish and clump it together if you're not careful. 

Then dip the end of your glass into the polish and water and slowly bring out.  Let this dry completely. 

After the nail polish has dried completely, apply a clear top coat and let that dry as well. 

I wasn't very impressed at this point. Actually, I was pretty disappointed. I was so excited about this idea because the pictures from the original tutorial are gorgeous. I ended up with a lot of air bubbles and it was overall just very rough looking.

I decided to try ONE more time this morning. I applied a little more nail polish, swirled it much more gently, and put the glass into the water much more slowly. Honestly, the biggest help was applying the glass more slowly. 

The original tutorial says to dip it in enough that the nail polish starts to collect around the sides. I made sure to do that this time and doesn't it look so much better? I'm pretty excited now, but also apologize that I don't have the final new product. Maybe I'll update you again this weekend. 

Until next time.


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