Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Want It Wednesday!

Is it lame that every title I have includes the day of the week in it? Sometimes like I feel like they're a little over the top, but it's hard thinking of titles, guys. I know, I know. Being a blogger is so tough. 

This Wednesday I want to encourage myself to read more. I lost all motivation after I went to college. Since I was reading several books each semester, I almost never read for pleasure. Never more than almost. Now that I graduated almost a year ago, I think it's time to start enjoying reading again. I particularly want to read these two books. Unfortunately, I went and saw the movie for The Hunger Games before I ever even started the book. I hope I can still be encouraged to read it. 

Now the other book is even more exciting and special to me. It was written by my cousin, Ryan Andrews, who has a bunch of fancy titles after his name. I've been excited about reading this book ever since he mentioned it to our family a couple of years ago. The simple idea of just flipping my thoughts to the opposite in order to benefit my health sounds delightful. I know it will be a little tougher than that, but that's the basic premise behind this book. 

This part will be a little harder for me to write. I've written about my health and weight in here before. Despite the fact that I try not to let it be a touchy subject, it still is. I am an advocate of body acceptance and positivism. Here's where I clash with a lot of people on the subject though: I think loving your body the best that you can includes being aware of what you're putting into it. That being said, I also believe that even a healthy body will come in all different shapes and sizes. Maybe women are a little bit more sensitive to this or maybe that is sexist of me to say. Maybe I am a little confused. Either way, I don't want it to be a statement that by reading this book it means that I love myself any less. I just want to know how to love myself the best I can and I am also very interested in being aware of my eating habits. Phew. Got that over with.

Until next time.


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