Friday, April 27, 2012


To make these little nail stickers you're going to need some tape, scissors, and nail polish. Don't forget a top coat!

I pulled out three strips of tape and stuck them on the end of a nearby table. 

Then I painted two coats on top of each of piece (not the sticky part).  Here are the names of the colors I used, just in case you would like to know. Fiji by Sinful Colors, Shower Together by China Glaze, and Rise and Shine by Sinful Colors (left to right).  Let these sit and dry. 

Then you just start cutting the piece of tape up to make your stickers. I found the tape to be a little hard to work with. It's just so sticky! Also, it's kind of hard to do anything but stripes and triangles (which is all they mention in the tutorial as well). 

After placing the stickers on my nails I used the top coat by OPI. 

I tried putting some on each finger, but it looked a little ridiculous and was really messy. I think this is a really cute idea for adding some stripes to an accent nail. Other than that, I do not think it's the best way to create nail stickers. Still a cute idea! 

Until next time.


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