Friday, April 13, 2012


The tutorial for this was a little vague. It basically just said to go buy some shoe clips and attach your favorites buttons, bows, etc. They did have some tutorials on how to make the flower that I did for this, a pinwheel, and fabric bows. So, make sure to check out the original source for those. I followed the tutorial for the flower slightly, but really just kind of did my own thing. You need some felt, fabric, hot glue gun, scissors, and a bobby pin. Oh, and of course the shoes you'll be placing these on.

Cut out two identical felt circles. Do this by folding the piece that you'll be cutting on top of each other. I made it just big enough that the bobby pin would fit all the way across it. 

Then cut out a bunch of circles using your other fabric. In reality you really only need about 5 per shoe, but you can use however many you'd like. 

Each circle you will fold in quarters like this. Then you'll glue the smallest point on the bottom onto one of your pieces of felt. 

Since you're gluing them, the middle part of the fold will just fold open unless you glue it there as well.  I put down four of these pieces around the circle and then put one in this middle. The middle one you just need to glue at the very end and glue it down so it stands up in the center. Make sure to fluff all of your fabric pieces to make it look more full. 

On your other piece of felt, slide the bobby pin on so that it is clipped onto it. 

Add glue to the side where the bobby pin has ridges. 

Then stick it to the the other piece of felt that has your fabric flower on it. Squeeze it together and it should dry quickly. 

Then you just slide the whole thing onto your shoe, using the bobby pin to secure it. There it is! A cute little shoe clip. This worked out fantastically. Now I just need to make one for my other shoe. 

Molly approves of this Pinterest success. 

Until next time.


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