Friday, April 6, 2012


I am not really big on hair supplies. This is probably because I usually just wear it straight because that's about all that it will do. Therefore, I don't really go through the products that I buy that quickly.  These are two items that I do happen to use and I love that I found a way to make them at home using items that I'd probably already have. 

For the hairspray you will need rubbing alcohol, water, sugar, and essential oils (optional). Oh, and a spray bottle, of course. 

Bring 1/2 cup of water to a boil. I did this by heating it in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes. Then add in 2 teaspoons of sugar. Makes sense that this would be sticky, yeah? Stir until your sugar dissolves completely into the water. 

Then add in 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.

And 6-8 drops of essential oils. I used this scent called "Sugar Plum" that I had left over from making candles this winter. I had a higher alcohol content version of rubbing alcohol, so it still smelled a bit strong even after I added the oil. 

Pour the mixture INTO the bottle. Try to refrain from pouring it all over the counter even though it looks like a lot of fun. Trust me, it's not. 

This didn't make a large amount, but it can easily be doubled. Of course, there might have been a whole lot more before I spilled it everywhere. 

For the detangler, you will need water and conditioner...and another spray bottle. 

Fill your bottle a little more than halfway full of water. 

Then squeeze conditioner into the bottle until it is ALMOST full. Remember, once you put on the top, the water will rise a little more. Do you ever wonder how I know what will happen when you're clumsy and don't think about these things?

Your conditioner and water will still be somewhat separated at this point, so give it a good shake.

Then you'll have some hairspray and hair detangler to use as you need and you can always refill them easily. I did test out the hairspray for a little bit and it seemed to work alright. It isn't the strongest hold, but I actually prefer a more flexible hold. The detangler smelled awesome, but I suppose it will always smell like whatever conditioner you choose. It didn't seem to leave my hair oily. Overall, I think this was a pretty successful pin attempt. 

Until next time.


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