Monday, March 5, 2012

Recipe Monday

Egg cupcakes is just a cute name that I decided sounded better than saying oven baked quiche, omelet, or frittata. I'm not sure which this is actually the closest too. I haven't quite studied up on the proper definitions for those three dishes. Oh well, let's get to the recipe!

(I'm a dummy and deleted the pictures that I took of the ingredients)
green bell pepper
roma tomatoes
red onion
pepper jack cheese 
greek yogurt
pepper and salt

Dice up 1 small red onion, 2 roma tomatoes, and 1 green bell pepper. Toss them all into a medium sized bowl. 

Using a hand blender (or regular blender) slightly blend the onion, tomato, and green pepper. You don't want it to be completely smooth, but you want to break it down so it's definitely in smaller chunks. This isn't a very pleasant picture, I know. 

To the same bowl, add in 10 eggs and 1/2 cup of milk. I used fat free, but feel free to use whatever type of milk you have. Mix thoroughly. Season generously with pepper and salt. 

Then you'll want to dice up 4 oz. of pepper jack cheese. I used a pepper jack that had some jalapeno in it as well. Toss that into your bowl and mix well. 

Spray your muffin/cupcake pan with nonstick cooking spray. Then put 1/3 cup of the mixture into each cup. Stick it in a preheated oven set to 325°F and bake for 30 minutes or until the egg is cooked all the way through. Let cool for a couple of minutes. 

Your little egg cupcakes should be fairly easy to get out, especially if you sprayed your pan. They are tender because of the vegetables and the water that they let off. Top each cupcake with a little dollop of greek yogurt and eat them up. They're quite tasty and an easy little idea for breakfast. 

Until next time.

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  1. oh my NOM. these are definatley going on the menu plan for next week! love your blog.
    xo, kristajew!