Friday, March 9, 2012


I actually kind of thought of this idea on my own and just went searching for a picture to use as inspiration. Kind of silly? Oh well. So, I basically just saw the picture and then really went on my own from there. It's still the same basic concept. 

You'll need some bobby pins, buttons, strong glue, nail polish, and foil. I guess you don't need the foil, but it is what I used. 

Fold over your foil a few times but keep it in a straight line. Then clip your bobby pins over the foil. This is just going to provide an easy way to paint them without making a huge mess. 

The original tutorial obviously used some shiny bobby pins, so they were already attractive to begin with. I wanted to use up some of the old bobby pins that I find all over our apartment, so I decided that painting them would liven them up a little. You'll want to use a couple of coats and I also used a top coat to lock in the color. 

I only painted the top side that would show when it's in my hair. I didn't feel like it was necessary to paint the whole thing. Make sure to let your bobby pins dry completely. 

Next you're going to attach your buttons. Add a dot of glue to the bottom part of your button and then place the bobby pin top side down onto the glue dot. Then just let dry per the directions on your glue. 

You end up with some pretty snazzy new bobby pins. I love the way the glittery ones look! I also left one without a button and it looks adorable when being used. I think I'll be painting a lot more of my bobby pins here soon just to add a bit of fun in when doing my hair. 

Until next time.


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