Friday, February 24, 2012


Apparently I love DIY projects that involve old t-shirts. This is the third one that I've done. So, luckily I had an extra t-shirt laying around from the previous flip-flop revamp that I attempted. That's all you need though! An old t-shirt (or some jersey fabric) and scissors...oh, and patience. Lots of patience. 

You'll need to cut your fabric into strips. The original tutorial said to use three, but I found even three was almost not enough. Maybe I didn't read thoroughly enough though and I probably just didn't make the actual strips long enough. 

You'll need a little slit in the end of each strip of fabric and you use these to knot the fabric into each other. A full explanation can be found at V and Co.  Sorry, I'm not going to be much help on this tutorial. I had to follow it just as closely, so I'll leave the explaining up to the original source. 

Then to make the actual braided part, you weave the fabric using your fingers. Again, the full explanation is over at V and Co. It's hard to explain and even somewhat hard to understand from the original tutorial. I think the key is to keep pulling the end of the fabric so that it doesn't get all bunched up. You'll see what I mean if you attempt this as well.  

After awhile I had something that looked like a braid. I mean, it doesn't look bad, right? But it's so short and stubby! I mean, I was using some pretty long pieces of fabric. I guess I just need more...or just need to get better at this. I guess they don't have the saying "practice makes perfect" for no reason. 

Cute, right? I hope I'm not scaring you into not attempting this. I mean, it still came out pretty good and not too far off from the originals. It just takes some getting used to and just took me awhile to get the hang of it. Psh, you will probably be way faster at figuring it out anyway. 

Feel free to give me any suggestions on projects that you'd like to see me attempt on Pinterest Friday! I'm always up for new ideas. 

Until next time.


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