Friday, February 17, 2012


I was so ridiculously excited to make this. I love little headbands and hair pieces that look like this. Once I saw this tutorial and realized it was so easy I knew I had to make one. You'll need some fabric, felt, glue, scissors, and elastic (not pictured). As you can see, I thought I would try to make this using a bobby pin, but I ended up following the tutorial and making it into an actual headband. 

Cut your fabric up into a bunch of little petals. 

Cut out a circle of the felt and then glue your petals to the felt. You're trying to make this look like a flower, so just glue them on in whatever way you desire to achieve that look. 

Then add a little extra something to the center. I used a button, but the original tutorial also suggests using lace in the center. Check it out, it's a really cute idea. 

Like I said, you'll also need some elastic. The original source had this cute elastic that had ribbon around the edges, but I couldn't find any. So, I settled for just some plain white elastic. 

Measure a piece of elastic long enough to fit around your head. You'll want to make it a little shorter, since elastic stretches. Also, I noticed that the original tutorial had two felt circles cut out and I couldn't figure out why until now. You use the second felt circle to cover up this mess. So, you just glue it straight down onto of your elastic strips and the other circle. It would probably look more complete and well put together.

Make sure to let your glue dry and then it's ready to wear! I love this idea, seriously. This is something I definitely plan on perfecting and will be making quite a few more of them. 

Until next time.


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