Friday, February 3, 2012


The past two weeks I've made food related things that I've pinned. The whole point of this was to try to work on my crafting skills. DIY projects are just so intimidating. I promise, I'll be trying more though. Oh, but I will also be trying more fun food ideas I find in the future as well. There are just too many not to try them. 

I ventured away a little from the tutorial that the original source made, but for the most part it's the same. Just find an old shirt that you're not using or even go out and thrift some for this project. I think v-necks are preferable. Sorry about Molly's end. She just didn't want to move. 

I cut the sleeves off right inside of the seam. After I did it I thought it would've been a better idea to have cut it on the outside of that line instead. It might have made for cleaner lines.  

Then find the middle point of your shirt and cut straight down. It's especially easy to find with a v-neck, which is why I think they're preferable for this. Clean up your lines if you need to and angle the top edges if you prefer (see original tutorial). 

Stop and take a cute picture of your cute dog. 

Then it's ready to wear! So easy, right? The original tutorial cut the back a little more and added some ties around the shoulders and back. I preferred it the way it was once I cut it up. I plan on making more of these because I love vests and I want to perfect it. Next time I plan on going out and thrifting some tops that are larger because then they will hang a little longer. Easy and cute idea. Thanks again, Pinterest. 

Until next time.


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