Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What - I - Got - Wednesday!

I felt like doing a "I Want it Wednesday" so soon after Christmas seemed a little weird. So, instead I've decided to share some of the gifts that I was so lucky to receive this year! 

I got the Naked Palette by Urban Decay from my sister. This is an item that I have previously mentioned in a blog post. Look at those gorgeous colors! I'm so excited to use this. I didn't take it with me to California because I was too scared about it getting smashed in our luggage. Then we got home and I got sick, so I didn't really feel like doing my makeup. I'm feeling better now and will be pulling this out to use soon!

I got a Silpat mat! I had literally just mentioned this to Kyle not too long before Christmas, but had never said anything to anyone else. My dad and step-mom actually ended up getting this for me. So, I was really surprised. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a silicon mat that you can bake on.  It helps eliminate mess by being non-stick and also eliminates waste by being reusable!

My brother and sister-in-law got me a gift card for a local cupcake shop in Indianapolis. I thought this was such a thoughtful and personal gift. I know you wouldn't normally think that about gift cards, but this is something I didn't expect. I was so excited. They also got Kyle a gift card for  local brewery in Indianapolis, so now we can make a day out of it. 

This is another item that I had previously mentioned in a blog post. Our friend, Jacque, had apparently secretly been talking to Kyle about making me one of her gorgeous pillows. She then gave it to me while we were in California for our visit. I was so excited! It's incredibly adorable and looks so cute in our apartment. I've officially given my old throw pillows over to Molly completely. 

My mom and step-dad gave us this mini-photo studio. Our apartment is always awkward when it comes to lighting and finding a place to take photos. I am hoping this will help out a lot. I'm still trying to get used to the lights, so sorry if the photos seem a little off. 

Kyle got me the purse that I am wearing in this photo. I was SO happy about it. Every time we go to California I always mention how I'd love to have a crossover purse like this. It gets annoying carrying around a purse when you're out doing so many things on vacation. So, Kyle gave me this adorable purse just a couple of days before we left and I love it. You can't really see the details in the picture, but it's perfect. He really surprised me with it. 

What did you receive for Christmas this year?

Until next time.


  1. I'm a bit jealous about the flying cupcake certificate. On your "day out" you should stop by and play games...and bring me a cupcake. haha :D That "B" pillow is too cute!

  2. I've never heard about Silpat mats - I want one!

  3. I have been wanting to get one of those baking mats because it's recommended for baking macarons. I keep forgetting about that! Lucky duck!

    Also, I found when I made my lightbox that a white background was slightly more effective because it bounced the light around more evenly. I just got a roll of cheap butcher paper for my seamless background. The black does make things stand out nicely though.