Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Week in Instagrams {Week 24}

1. I love, love wrapping presents. I'm not sure if I mentioned that around Christmas or not. I am a freak about giving gifts. I just get so excited about every aspect of it. Making sure I find the perfect item to give, wrapping it so it looks adorable, and then watching the person open it.

2. I used to make fun of my husband for listening to audio books and podcasts while he falls asleep. Well, mainly audio books. Then I got introduced to some awesome podcasts and guess who now listens to some while she falls asleep? Yep, guilty. Lately I've been listening to Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. I love Michael Ian Black. He makes me laugh so much. Do you listen to any podcasts?

3. Yes, more soup. This week I made this recipe. It was absolutely delicious. It made for great leftovers too (and I'm not usually a fan of leftovers).

4. I did something fun with my nails this week! Well, I found it to be fun. I think I actually plan on sharing it sometime this week with you guys.

Crohn's Update:
Ugh, I don't even know if there is anything to say. I called the office of the doctor that I was previously seeing to see if they had someone else who I could switch to who might be easier to relate to or who was more specialized in Crohn's. Well, what ended up happening was that they were extremely rude to me and I ended up just letting them know that I would be seeking help elsewhere. So, I found a few different locations that my insurance covers. Then I called my regular physician to see if they recommended anyone in particular from those locations. She didn't really know of anyone from those places, so I guess I'll just be calling around again. Fun, right? I've been feeling up and down this week. A lot of anxiety for some reason which never helps when it comes to pain. Over it.

Until next time.


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