Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back!

Did I say I'd be gone just a week? Well, I guess I meant a week and a few days. I hope I didn't stay away for too long. I had a very good reason, I promise!

Kyle and I got to take a trip out to San Diego, CA to visit his family and friends! It was an absolutely wonderful visit and I'm so glad we got to stay for as long as we did, 

Previously I had mentioned missing San Diego in a post. Well, don't worry, I got in plenty of time with the beach, ocean, and the delicious food. 

It was absolutely perfect weather. It snowed here in Indiana while we were away and I wasn't too heartbroken about missing out on it. Sorry, Indiana. 

Okay, does anyone else get the creeps from seeing seaweed? Maybe I am weird, but it's looks like it's going to come alive and attack me when I see it on the beach. It's unreal looking when it you see it in real life. That sentence was confusing, wasn't it?

Well, we're back now and trying to get back into the routine of our normal schedule. The time change really throws everything off. I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve and Day! I actually was asleep when it hit midnight in California. Kyle woke me up to give me a quick New Year's kiss and then I was right back asleep.  

I think Molly missed us just as much as we missed her. She is definitely excited that we're home. 

Until next time.


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