Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday (Giving Edition)

Here's an idea I got because I thought, "Hey, I should try to make my own flavored tea." Yeah, Sara, that sounds like a completely non-stressful idea. Go for it. I'm being dramatic. It wasn't really that stressful, but for some reason loose leaf tea was difficult to find. So, I guess that was just annoying. Yes, it's easier to go out and buy some tea, but I love homemade gifts. 

Other than the loose leaf tea, you're going to need some extracts. I went with flavors that remind me of Christmas. You'll also need some organza in order to put your tea bags together (oh, and some thread). 

I put 1/2 cup of the tea into a bowl and added in 1 tablespoon of the extract (I used mint in this case). You could also probably add dried mint to flavor this as well. I tried to think of other things, but extracts seemed the easiest route (and possibly cheapest). 

Make sure you coat the tea evenly with the extract and then lay it out to dry for an hour or two. 

Once you've let it dry for a little bit then you can wrap the tea up and let it sit overnight. This is to really give it time to soak up all of that flavor. 

Before actually making the tea bags, I decided to try the tea out. This is also an easy way to put these tea bags together if you'd prefer a no-sew method. 

You could taste the mint, so I decided it was definitely time to move on to the next step. 

Cut your organza into squares and sew up all but one side. Add in 1 teaspoon (or a little more if you'd like) by pouring it into bag. Then sew up the final side, but leave extra thread hanging at the end. 

Once you finish making your bags, gather them all up along with a cute mug and sugar packets. Honey packets would also work well! 

Place the tea bags and sugar packets (or honey) into the mug. I got these mugs from a friend last Christmas and absolutely adore them. They're called Hug Mugs and you can find them here. They're made so you can just cup your hands around the mug and really feel the warmth of the drink. It's absolutely delightful. Anyway, you can find any mug that fits the personality of whoever will receive this gift. 

Wrap it up in some tissue paper and ribbon then it's ready to go! I ended up really enjoying this idea. It's an easy gift to be creative with and to personalize. 

Until next time.


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