Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Christmas {Day 9}

I realized that I haven't really given very many ideas on gifts for him. You know, the universal him. The whoever in your life fills that him role. Well, anyway, here's a quick and easy idea to throw together if you STILL don't know what to get...him.

First we need to start off this whole gift set by making some homemade spice rubs. I found a list of rubs and their recipes HERE. You can go through the list and pick out however many you would like to make. The one in the pictures above is a brown sugar rub which you can get the recipe for HERE

I also made a second rub as well. This one is a Texas style one which you can find the recipe for HERE. These were both easy to put together and although they look similar, I promise they are very different. Most of these recipes used spices that you would more than likely already have in your home if you cook often. You could always make your own adjustments if there is one or two spices you seem to be missing. 

I made little labels for the top of each of the rubs that way the receiver won't get them mixed up. I just used some plain paper with little scrapbook sticker letters. Easy, easy (and cute). Oh, and I found the cute little jars at Target. They were only $5. 

Then to really make it a gift set you can stick in some utensils that one would normally use for grilling. Some other ideas on what to include would be a basting brush, barbecue sauce, and kabob sticks. This is a great idea for a man (or heck, woman) who loves to grill!

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