Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Christmas {Day 2}

I have never attempted to really make my own jewelry. I mean, I'm sure when I was little that I made a horrendous Popsicle stick necklace or something. I don't know why I haven't been making my own jewelry all along! It's fun, easy, and definitely affordable. I thought this was another cute gift idea for the Christmas season! 

Before you get started, you'll want to make sure that you have everything you need. I'm really bad about forgetting one thing and when I go to start the project, everything has to be put on hold again. You'll need some fabric, pliers, fasteners, earring backs, glue, mini-button maker, and scissors (which are not in the picture). 

Your fasteners will come with a front and back. On the back there will be a little metal loop, since these are usually buttons. Use your pliers to help get that out. You don't need it. Toss it. Or think of a creative way to use it again?

You can use any fabric that you'd like, but fabric with dots of color make this is super easy. 

Cut out two circles of your fabric of choice. Make sure you cut them with extra space around! You can  always cut some off if you need to, but you won't be able to make it bigger. Or however that saying is supposed to go. Place the fabric front-side down and then the two fronts to the fasteners (or buttons) down on the fabric. The two pieces on the right are the mini-button maker. I have no idea if that is the correct term, but that's what I am calling it. You can usually find it included in a kit with fasteners. When I say kit, I mean that it comes with the button maker and fasteners. It's cheap, I promise. 

Then you'll stuff your fabric and fastener down into the larger plastic piece of the button-maker. Fabric side first. Tuck the extra fabric down into the back of fastener. If you have too much extra fabric, you can always cut some off at this point. 

Set the back (you know, the piece we ripped the little metal loop off earlier) into the plastic piece. Then use the other part of the button-maker to force the back in securely to the front. I should really learn the actual terms for all of this stuff. It would make explaining it a lot easier. 

Pull it out and you have a button!

Then use your glue (I used E-6000) and place the earring backs onto the back of the button. Let it sit for however long your glue suggests. I would use a pretty secure glue like this and not something like a hot glue gun. That would break off far too easily. 

Once it's all dried and secure, you will have a new pair of earrings. You can go out and wear them this holiday season or gift them!

Until next time.


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