Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday

This Wednesday is a little different from every other week. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I decided that I want something other than cute things that I find on Etsy or elsewhere. Here's what I want this week!

I want everyone to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. When I say this, I don't just mean to relax and enjoy the awesome food (even though that is a perk). I mean really enjoy the meaning of Thanksgiving. Find something to be thankful for and really embrace it. Last year on Thanksgiving I was working and then worked again at 2 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. This holiday was become so overlooked and it seems more like a pregame for shopping. This year I am so thankful that I am not stuck working a retail job where I am forced to spend little to no time with my family. This year I am so thankful that I will be spending as much time with my family as I possibly can. 

I was a little nervous about tomorrow due to the fact that a lot of the day is focused around food. Crohn's and a food-focused holiday don't seem like they will mix too well. I am choosing to be thankful that I am well enough to even attend Thanksgiving. I could be much worse off at this point and I am just thankful that I am still doing as well as I am. So, I will just be taking things slow and embracing the holiday despite my disease. 

I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving and really embrace the holiday. Try not to think about all the shopping and ridiculousness that is to come. Just slow down for one day and enjoy, please. 
That's what I want this Wednesday.

Until next time.


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