Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday

Boot Edition 
I have been dying to find a new pair of boots that fit well. I've had a couple pairs in the past few years that ended up working okay with certain outfits, but they were never as versatile as I wanted and needed them to be. My problem is that I feel that I need boots for the winter season because if not then I am just wearing flats with no socks or anything. It's a problem. I hate tennis shoes for some reason. Another problem is that I have wider calves, so I needed to find a boot that would work around that. Long story short(ened), I found three pairs of boots this past week that I love. AND they were all on sale, so I ended up only spending around $80 for three pairs. So, this isn't really something that I need or want anymore. I just felt like posting cute boots went with this story. Wow, this is was way too long. Here's what I want this Wednesday (well, you know...whatever). 

Until next time.

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  1. You need to help me pick out boots. I have no sense of style and Adam hates them. lol :)