Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday (Giving Edition)

I tried to come up with another creative and equally cheesy title for what I am doing on Wednesdays for the month of December. I decided to stick with the normal Wednesday title even though it's slightly confusing. For this month, I'll be doing ideas on items that I want to give instead of receive. They will be small little ideas for gift giving this Christmas season.

I know it's not actually December yet, but we're starting today. We got our first real snowfall yesterday and I'm definitely in the mood for Christmas. Oh, and a warning to my family and friends. My blog is probably going to ruin a couple of your Christmas gifts and surprises this year. Sorry! Okay, let's get this post going. 

The original idea for this gift came from this blog. All that you'll need is a cute pair of knee socks and a bottle of wine. You can adjust the wine and socks in order to compliment the gift receiver. 

Start by sliding your bottle of wine into one of the socks. Slide it all the way to the bottom of the sock. 

You should have a fairly long piece of the sock that will hang over the top. This is good. You'll be using this in the next few steps. 

In case you were wondering, yes, Molly was sitting next to me the whole time I did this project like she always does. This time she wasn't staring at me though. She sat and stared at the snow falling. Come on guys, how is this dog so adorable?

Take the other sock and tie it around the neck of the wine bottle and over that extra part of the other sock. Just one little loop is plenty.

Take that extra part of the sock that was hanging down the back and fold it over the front of the loop. Then secure it by tucking it under the loop. 

Then taking the two ends of the sock that you have wrapped around the neck, fold them into the piece that you have just created. Basically, you're trying to make it into a bow. I hope this makes sense. Explaining this is slightly more difficult than I expected, but I swear it's so easy to do. 

I think it looks like a little robot or monster when it's all done. It kind of makes me giggle. You're done and it's ready to give to someone special! I think this is a cute gift to give if you have any parties to attend. Just keep the host in mind and pick out a cute pair of socks that you think would match their personality.  

Until next time.


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