Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY Fall Decor

I love decorating according to the season. Making your own decorations makes it even more fun. I still have quite a few mason jars left over from our wedding last October. That made it pretty easy to decide what to use when going to make some decorations for this fall season. These were also pretty easy ideas, so I thought that I would share.

You'll obviously need some mason jars if you decide to make one (or more) of these decorations. I came up with three ideas, but I definitely encourage you to come up with more ideas on your own! These are all pretty flexible when it comes to really individualizing them to your own taste. 

For this first decoration, you'll need a mason jar, tulle, fake leaves, and an LED tealight candle (not pictured). 

Start by gluing the fake leaves to the outside of your mason jar. Cover it as much or as little as you'd like. I used super glue to get these to stick and that seemed to work fine. 

Take a fairly long piece of tool (12-18 inches probably) and wrap just the end of it around your LED candle. This is to just help soften the light and also to cover the cheap looking plastic. 

Drop the tulle wrapped around the LED candle in your mason jar first and stuff the rest of the tulle in on top of that.

Done! The tulle helps a lot to make the glow of the candle nice and soft. 

For this second idea, you'll need a mason jar, feathers, decorative twigs (I opted for non-realistic glittery ones), ribbon, and another LED tealight candle (not pictured). 

Take a small piece of ribbon (maybe six inches at most) and wrap it around your LED candle making a cylinder shape. Make sure to secure the ribbon using glue, tape, or whatever you'd prefer. Again, this is to help soften the light from the candle (and hide the hideous plastic). 

Drop your LED candle into the bottom of the mason jar and decorate using the feathers and twigs. Arrange this however you would like. Have fun with it!

The last idea requires a mason jar, three colors of ribbon (preferably going from dark to light), and a real tealight candle OR LED tealight candle. 

Wrap the ribbons around your mason jar arranging them from the darkest (on bottom) to the lightest (on top). This will give it an ombre effect. Again, make sure to secure your ribbons. You'll want to pick translucent ribbons in order for the light to come through. 

It is really pretty once you add in the candle and it shines through the different layers of ribbon. 

There are some ideas to get you started on decorating your own home for this fall season. Hopefully these will help you get inspired to come up with even more ideas!

Until next time.


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