Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet Potato Soup

I have a feeling that you guys are going to be seeing a lot of soup recipes for awhile. There are just so many different delicious looking soups that I've seen and thought, "I could make that." This is one of those soups. I know it isn't a rare find, but it's so delicious and comforting that I just wanted to give it a shot by making my own recipe.

sweet potatoes
vegetable broth
half & half
cayenne pepper
roasted ground ginger
salt & pepper

Cut your carrots and sweet potatoes up into a large dice. You'll end up needing 1 cup of carrots and 4 cups of sweet potato.

Place your carrots and sweet potatoes into a large pot. Then add 4 cups of vegetable broth. 

Add all your spices into the pot as well. You'll need 1 tsp roasted ground ginger, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, and a dash of cayenne. 

I found this roasted ground ginger and it happened to be on sale. So, I snagged it up thinking it would be delicious in a dish just like this. If you can't find this exact kind, I know that regular ground ginger is a little more common. I think that you could substitute with that. 

Bring everything in the pot to a boil then lower the heat and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Make sure that you stir occasionally to prevent anything from sticking to the bottom of the pot. 

After 30 minutes, your sweet potatoes and carrots will be soft and the broth should have thickened. 

Now it's time to blend up your soup. You know me, I use a hand blender for everything. You could absolutely use a regular blender for this, I would think. Whichever you prefer. I think that a hand blender is easier to clean (and I don't own a regular blender). 

After you've blended your soup until there are no large chunks of potato or carrots left then you'll add 1/2 cup of half & half and blend until it's fully combined. Give it a little taste at this point as well and add salt and pepper as needed. 

I absolutely love the color of sweet potato soup. The combination of all of the spices makes this soup smell heavenly. Mmm. This is definitely a comfort food and I hope that you find it comforting as well. 

Until next time. 

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  1. Sweet potatoes are one of the best things ever. Nice idea.