Friday, October 7, 2011

Our First Anniversary Pt. 1

This coming Sunday, Kyle and I will celebrating our first anniversary as husband and wife. I'm going to say what everyone else always says, but I absolutely mean it. I cannot believe that it has already been a year. I would lie if I said it has been the easiest year, but despite everything I know that our relationship has grown so much. I've been reminiscing about our wedding this week and decided to share with you guys. To tell you the truth, I reminisce about that day a lot. As in, more than just this past week. I seriously cannot believe how amazingly smooth and well the whole thing went. It was absolutely wonderful. 

The Flowers
 I went back and forth on deciding what to do about our flowers. For awhile I was set on getting real flowers then I was set on putting together my own flowers. Well, then I became obsessed with Etsy. Heck yes, I absolutely found my flowers through Etsy. I bought them through SongsFromTheGarden and they were beyond beautiful. I was so happy with them. 

I keep my bouquet in our living area. I put it inside of this vase which I filled with sand in the bottom. I'm glad I went these flowers because I love being able to see them on display daily. 

The Cake
Can I just tell you how much I loved our cake? It turned out better than I ever expected. I mean, obviously I expected it to be nice or else I wouldn't have chosen who I did. But dang, this woman is amazing. We got our cake from Mammaw's Sweet Shoppe.

Along with a pretty small cake, we had a bunch of cupcakes so that the whole serving situation would be a lot easier. Of course, I also love cupcakes, so that's another reason we had them. Not only were these cakes gorgeous, but they were absolutely delicious. I was so bummed that we couldn't take the leftovers on our honeymoon with us. 

The Music
I had been planning on having my uncles and Dad sing The Irish Blessing at my wedding forever. They sing it traditionally basically whenever we are all together and at other family events. It's so gorgeous and makes me cry almost every time. Luckily, I didn't cry during the song the day of our wedding. However, I did bawl like a baby when they sang it during the rehearsal. The only versions I can find of this song online sound different than their version. Obviously, their version is better. Obviously, I might be a little biased. As far as other music goes, we had a cellist and violinist that played all of the other songs for the ceremony. I walked down the aisle to "Air" by Bach

I put together our centerpieces. Once I finally thought of something, it was quite easy to put together. I came up with it all in bits and pieces though. We found the small pieces of wood at Hobby Lobby along with with numbers. The numbers are just cardboard that we spray painted with some gold glitter.  We got some mason jars, filled them with some rocks, topped those with a tealight candle, and wrapped some twine around the jar. We used fake leaves to sprinkle around the whole thing (which were easy to find since our wedding was in October). I put our initials in each of the pieces of wood using a wood burning pen that I also found at Hobby Lobby.

You've already seen that I've used these pieces of wood in one way. I used them as the back of the utensil holder that I put together. I also made a couple of the wood pieces into picture frames for my parents. I've used the mason jars to hold homemade items that I've made for a few people. When you're going to end up with the leftovers from a wedding, it's nice to use supplies that you think you might use again. Basic things like this have been easy to find uses for even though it has taken time.

Other Details
So, I might have found our unity candle on Etsy as well. I feel like I should be embarrassed about how frequently I refer to that site. You find some amazing things though. Once I started looking there, it made the whole planning process a lot easier. We got this candle through XOXOBridalBoutique. I was a little unsure if I wanted to do a unity candle, but once I saw this candle I became convinced. That sounds terrible. The idea behind it means a lot to both of us. I don't want you to think that I did it just because I wanted this adorable candle. I swear I didn't.

This is from Etsy too. Okay! I admit it! It's a problem! I swear I don't shop there as frequently now. Well, I try not to. I found this through colettepaperie. The wooden box held a bunch of customized note cards for our guests to fill out and leave us some wonderful messages for our new life together. They were so fun to go through and read afterwards. 

I keep a lot of the details from our wedding on these shelves. Sometimes I feel like people will think it looks like a creepy shrine for our wedding. I love this wall, so you can think whatever you'd like. It's not coming down. 

I wore pearls on my wedding day. I've always loved the way that pearls look. They just have such a soft elegance about them. I was given this pearl necklace from my Mom while I was away at college in Knoxville, TN. She gave me a note along with the pearls telling me how they always symbolized the maturity of a woman to her. The note made me cry (of course) and it meant a lot to me to be able to wear them as I took a step further into adulthood. 

Of course, I can't forget to mention our amazing photographer. Megan from RedZebra did an awesome job. Check out her website to see more of her work. 

I am going to stop myself here. Bless you if you have made it this far. I will be back on Sunday with some more memories from our wedding day. 

Until next time. 


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