Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 16}

1. Molly was adorable (as usual). She was also spoiled and loved on a lot (as usual). 

2. I made these little vampire pumpkins that you saw in the pictures for the Apple Spice Lollipops. I saw the idea on Pinterest awhile ago (check out the link for my Pinterest at the top of my site). I think that original idea came from Martha Stewart. Of course it did. Don't all crafts link back to Martha somehow? 

3. I added some finishing touches to our Halloween costumes. Nothing super fancy and they were quite silly. It was still fun just to be able to add a little bit of DIY touch.  So, what were we? Well, I guess you'll see next week!

4. We also carved regular sized pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins just because it feels like a necessary tradition each year. I REALLY love carving pumpkins for what is on the inside. Pumpkin seeds. Yes, sir. I love them. I'll be sharing with you what I ended up doing with the seeds tomorrow!

5. I got to visit with my good friend earlier this week. It was a wonderful visit and we also enjoyed some pretty wonderful food. This is the Oktoberfest burger from Red Robin. It comes on a pretzel bun which is absolutely heavenly. They also have sweet potato fries now! Oh man. Bad news.

6. Yes, Molly still is under the impression that these pillows are around for her comfort. Let's admit it, at this point it's true.

Until next time.


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