Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 14}

1. Kyle and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend by taking a trip to Bloomington, IN. While we were there we visited the Upland Brewery and Oliver Winery. It was so nice to get away and just hang out. Oliver Winery was absolutely gorgeous and I bought this delicious blackberry wine that they only sell on location. It's awesome. We ate lunch in Upland's pub and had some bacon ice cream for dessert. Um, yes. It was absolutely amazing. 

2. I really enjoy giving gifts. I enjoy it even more if I can actually surprise the person by getting them something that they didn't know that I knew they wanted. Was that an extremely confusing sentence? I always make sure to listen and watch for anything Kyle might want and to take note of it. So, when he mentioned this really neat print from Orange and Park, I knew exactly what I would be getting him for our anniversary. The print is of San Diego's beach towns. Orange and Park has some other California prints that we'd love to purchase and make it a theme in our room. 

3. I've been trying to do something with my hair besides letting it just lay stick straight.  I've been attempting to braid my hair before bed and to see how it turns out that way. So far it has turned out pretty good. It's hard to get the exact curl that you're going for, but these curls do seem to stick throughout the day. 

4. It's scarf season! Oh, the weather has definitely been cooling down which means I get to pull out my collection of scarves and wear them on a daily basis. Instead of sharing a boring picture of me wearing a scarf, I decided to celebrate this by sharing Molly wearing a scarf. Much cuter. 

5. Over at A Beautiful Mess, Katie (from Skunkboy Creatures) did a guest post about styling a hair bow. I found the tutorial on how to make a hair bow pretty easy and was excited when I was able to actually make a bow with my hair! Definitely check it out if you're interested in making your own hair into a bow. I think it's just super fun and adorable. 

6. Before we made our way back home from our anniversary trip last weekend, we made sure to make a stop at The Flying Cupcake in Indianapolis. My goodness, I love their cupcakes. I only wish that they were a little closer, but that would probably end up being an issue. The cupcake pictured is their red velvet. It's huge and awesome.

Okay, so I wanted to share this video with you as well. You've been introduced to Petey before (my parents' dog). Well, now I would like to introduce you to Molly and Petey playing. I find it hilarious.

Until next time.

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