Monday, October 17, 2011

Grown-Up Fall Treats: Caramel Pears

For the next few Mondays I plan on sharing some traditional fall treats with a little twist on them. These are items that we have all come to associate with this time of the year, but I didn't want to just stick with the traditional. I wanted to revamp these traditions a little and give them a more grown-up feel.

This week I'm starting this by giving a twist to the traditional caramel apples. They always sell packaged caramel apples in the store around this time of the year which I absolutely love. As I walked past the pears though, I found myself considering a new option. Caramel pears! This may not seem like a huge twist, but it's a seriously delicious one.

The only ingredients you absolutely need for this are pears and caramel. I used three different types of pears because I wasn't exactly sure which would work best (they were all tasty). You could also make your own caramel, but for the sake of time and ease, I melted down some packaged caramels. 

Before you start the whole process, you'll want to prep everything. Get out a cooking sheet and coat it with some butter. This is where you'll set your pears once they're coated in caramel. This helps them to  be removed from the cooking sheet with ease once the pears have set and the caramel has cooled.

I prepared two different toppings for the pears. The top picture is just crushed walnuts. The bottom picture is crushed rice cereal with some cinnamon and sugar mixed in it. I know these aren't the most appetizing pictures, but these both ended up being awesome toppings. They gave the whole thing an awesome crunch and flavor.

I'm not going to pretend that this process is hard by spouting off a bunch of instructions. I guess that's the whole point of this though. It's easy! So just follow the directions on the back of the caramels. 

Once the caramels are nice and smooth, you can dip your pears. I chose not to put my pears on sticks due to their natural shape. They already have a point on top, plus you can hold on to the stem for dipping. If your pears don't have stems then you might definitely want a stick at least for dipping.

Make sure to add the toppings to your pears as soon as your done dipping them. You'll want the caramel soft enough that everything will stick to it still. After that you'll want to give your pears time to rest in the fridge to let the caramel set.

Then you get to take part in enjoying these awesome little treats. I had a special guest (my sister, Kristina) helping me with this whole process and also enjoying them afterwards.

I personally cut mine up into little slices. It makes the whole thing much easier to eat and enjoy. The pear flavor was absolutely delicious with the caramel. Pears are a lot less tart than most apples and that added a delicacy to this traditional treat. I hope you enjoy this small, but delicious twist!

Until next time.

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