Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Whipped Up Wednesday!

I decided to take a little break for the normal "I Want It Wednesday." I didn't want you to think that I am overly needy (and it's hard to think of something to want EVERY week). So, instead I decided to show a few of things that I've been making that I haven't already shared with you. I try to keep myself busy by being creative or even trying ideas that I've found in order to always have something to share through my blog. These are just a few different items that I took pictures of after or while making that I didn't really plan on going into full detail about. I thought they would still be fun to share though.  

Ignore the old dingy pan. I made these Blueberry Crumb Bars that I saw on Smitten Kitchen.
The only difference is that I used orange zest and juice in replace of lemon. Eh, you use what you have. They are absolutely delicious (I'm still munching on these actually). 

Here's proof that I actually cut them into bars and didn't just eat the whole thing straight out of that pan. The blueberries make them look so pretty. They also turn your tongue blue while you eat them. 

I also made this salad. Can you tell that I had some blueberries to use? This turned out really well. I was pretty much completely out of produce at this time, but I tried to make a salad despite that. I used a combination of lemon juice and olive oil for the dressing.

Did you notice what else was on that salad? Yep, chickpeas. Of course. I'm still on that kick. Except this time I decided to start soaking my beans. This was my first attempt. I did a quick soak and they turned out alright. They were a little harder than they probably should have been. I was the only one eating them, so I was alright with it. The blueberries and chickpeas went really well together!

I already shared a little sneak peak of this with you in week eight of my instagrams. This is the scarf that I made for Molly. It slides around and attaches to her collar. I had gotten the idea from a similar scarf that my parents bought for Molly on their trip to Wisconsin. I thought it was so genius, so I attempted to make one. Eh, it's pretty terrible. Molly doesn't complain though.

She does give me those shifty eyes though, as if she wants to know why there is a camera in her face.

I bought some red currants from the farmer's market awhile ago. I decided that I would attempt to make some cupcakes with them. I made a basic white cupcake and just folded the currants into the batter. Red currants are very tart, so I decided to pair them with some white chocolate. I did this by making some white chocolate ganache and placing it in the center of each cupcake. I removed the centers of each cupcake by using the cap that was on the vodka bottle (this idea was from a friend) that I had used for the homemade vanilla extract.

I topped each cupcake with a simple vanilla buttercream icing. Did I stop there? Heck no!

I finished each cupcake off with some shaved white chocolate and little red currant. They look like tiny cherries. I love them. Seriously, these cupcakes were pretty dang tasty. The white chocolate worked so well with the currants. They were also adorable. I was really proud.

Have you whipped up anything lately?

Until next time. 


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