Monday, September 5, 2011

Veggie Chips

Awhile ago my parents had me try some veggie chips that they had bought from the farmer's market. They were absolutely delicious. When I decided to head to the farmer's market the following week, the chips were nowhere to be found. I was very upset. So, instead of remaining defeated, I decided to do something about it. I decided that I would attempt to make my own veggie chips and pray that they turned out half as good.

soybean oil (or your oil of choice)

Start off by thinly slicing all of your vegetables. I did this all by hand and just hoped that I could get them thin enough. A mandoline slicer (like this) would be handy for this project. It would actually probably be handy to have in general. I would love to invest in one eventually. 

Lay out all of your sliced vegetables in a single layer. Here I laid them out on wax paper. Lightly salt all of your vegetables and let them sit for around thirty minutes to an hour. This helps to pull out the moisture from your vegetables, so that they become nice and crisp in the cooking process. 

After you've let your vegetables sit, lightly press a paper towel across the top of them in order to soak up that moisture that has risen from them. 

At this point you'll want to lay your vegetables out on a cooking sheet. I lined my cooking sheet with foil, just to avoid mess in case the vegetables decided to stick real bad. I also put a little bit of oil onto the foil before laying the vegetables down. You'll want to top your vegetables with the oil at this point, which will also help them to crisp up nicely. You don't need very much oil at all, but you can use your own judgement. I would suggest NOT putting more salt on at this point. I did and mine turned out a little too salty. The salt you put on in the previous steps should be plenty!

Now it is time to cook these guys. I set my oven to the lowest temperature that it would go, which was about 200 degrees. This worked out fine, so I would say that this is a good temperature for anyone to use even if your oven goes slightly lower. Keep an eye on your vegetables, checking up on them every 30 minutes. You might turn and shuffle them every once and awhile as well to avoid them sticking. The total cooking time will be around 6-8 hours. Yes, it's a long process. 

Here is how they should turn out! They get a really pretty golden color to them and are super crispy. They are a nice little snack. This would also be delicious with a variety of different types of vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, etc.). I will definitely be trying it again soon. Although the process seems long, I think that it is worth it. 

Until next time.

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  1. I love veggie chips so much. When I get a bigger oven I definitely will be making these.

    The mix I buy at my local markets has green beans in them and they have a really nice crunch.