Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 14}

1. I found this adorable candle holder at Bath and Body Works this week. Do you see what is on it? Cupcakes! So cute! They just recently released their line of candles that are based on baked goods. I ended up not buying any of those candles ( I got Leaves and Cranberry & Clove Buds). Any candle that is supposed to smell like cakes or cookies always ends up being a little too sweet smelling for my liking. 

2. My little sister came to visit for a short bit again. As I mentioned before, she started cosmetology this year. She's been learning a lot of different things lately, so I love having here around to let to her practice. I love braided bangs and can never do them myself. So, I made sure to let her practice doing that braid before we went out. I need to her around to my personal hair dresser all the time.

3. When I went to Goodwill earlier this week to find the frames, I also ended up finding this dress. Guess where this dress is from? eShakti!  I couldn't believe that I found it there. It didn't have a size listed on the tag because it was a custom order. So, I bought it just praying that it would fit right. Well, it fits perfectly. I am pretty excited about this find.

4. Molly absolutely loves my parents' couch. She loves climbing the top of it and just taking a nap. I really have about 5 instagram pictures of Molly this week, but I'll resist from sharing them all. You just have to see this one for the week. 

Until next time.


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