Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 13}

1. It was cold enough one of the days this week that I got to wear one of my cowl neck sweaters. I love cowl necks, seriously. I just love how cozy they feel. I'm a big fan of wearing scarves for this reason too. I've been so excited about the fall weather. I feel like my wardrobe is fit much more for fall and winter than summer. 

2. Another thing I love about fall is the spices that come along with it. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! I love it! These bagels are ridiculously delicious and I'm a little sad that they are going to only be a seasonal thing. I guess that I might not love these types of things as much if they were available all year round. It makes you appreciate them a little more.

3. I watched A LOT of Gilmore Girls this week. I decided that I wanted to work my way through the whole series again. I'm already on season 3. Rory is getting ready to graduate from high school. I love the Gilmore Girls. So much. 

4. I've still been trying to keep my nails painted. I'm still not very patient when it comes to doing creative things. I've seen a lot of people doing two tone nails lately and I love the look. I end up with a really terrible version of this idea because I never put enough effort into it. Maybe someday I'll learn. Also, see the what I am wearing in this photo? It's the mint green cardigan that I wanted from Old Navy a few weeks ago in my fall fashion post. I went and found it on clearance for only $10. I was pretty dang excited!

Until next time. 

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  1. I'm rarely patient enough to do my nails. I always get them to look nice and fun, but then as I wait for them to dry I usually fall asleep and get sheet prints in the polish.