Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I - Want - It - Wednesday

Haircut Edition

I think it is time for me to admit that my hair is becoming an issue. I haven't gotten it cut in over a year and I haven't even gotten it trimmed since February. At some point I got the idea in my head that I wanted to grow it out until it was ridiculously long. Well, I feel like I've reached a point where my hair is at a standstill. It becomes tangled very easily now that I have gone back blonde as well. So, I've had a few different things that I have been thinking about doing. Let's review the history of my hair first. 

My hair is naturally blonde. I was VERY blonde when I was younger and it faded into a dirty blonde, which is probably what it would naturally be now. Also, can we talk about how adorable my brother is in his suspenders?

I was a blonde all the way through my freshman year of high school (left). Then I decided to start dying my hair and I went through every color. The photo on the right is from my sophomore year when I decided to dye my hair black. Hey, guess what? Black doesn't come out very easily. As you can see though, I kept the same basic (plain) haircut and style. I also kept it long pretty much the whole time I was in high school. 

Of course, when I graduated from high school I decided that if I chopped my hair off then I would look more grown up. I think almost every high school graduate does a drastic hair change. 

I kept changing my hair frequently by adjusting the style and adding colors. 

Then taking away the colors. 

I'd chop it off from time to time.

I was even a redhead for a short while. 

I almost always had bangs that were usually kept to the side. However, I ended up with straight bangs for a split second after a tragic mess up.

Now I am back to blonde and my hair is out of control. 

Here's what I want. I want a haircut. Even if it is just a trim. I want to make some sort of a decision and to just get it done. So, I guess what I really want is help making a decision. Do I cut it or just trim it? Do I get bangs again or just keep letting my "bangs" grow along with the rest of my hair? Do I keep it blonde or go darker? Here are a couple of the ideas that I'm considering if I do decide to cut it. 

Opinions? Suggestions? Criticisms about my old dorky pictures?

Until next time. 


  1. I love the blonde minus the bangs. It makes your face look so bright and it's just such a great compliment to your beautiful skin.

    Trim off any split ends, maybe go for song long layers?


  2. Chad's suspenders are the best! I'm getting a pair....

  3. I like that second picture! Cuuuttte -casey