Friday, September 9, 2011

Flip-Flop Revamp

Earlier this summer the blog Make It and Love It did a flip-flop refashion series. I fell in love with the idea right away. I decided to attempt to throw together a quick pair following this tutorial from that series. I know it's a little late in the summer, but I guess this is my last summer project I'll share probably. I loved the idea so much that I really couldn't go without telling you guys about it. 

old t-shirt
old flip-flops

I cut six long strands out using the old t-shirt. You'll want to use a shirt that has some stretch to it, so that it ends up fitting nice and tightly around your foot. 

Next you look up at your dog, who loves watching your every move.

Take three of the strands and tie them together using some thread. Then you'll want to braid these three pieces together. Make It and Love It used ten strands total and made two of these five strand braids. I just decided to stick with a simple braid, using three strands for each flip-flop. Although, next time I would love to take the time to learn how to do that fancy looking braid.

Once you've braided your three pieces together, you'll want to secure the other end with thread as well. 

At this point you might also want to loop it around your foot to make sure that it will actually fit. Luckily, mine was just long enough. 

Take your old pair of flip-flops and cut off the straps. I used an old pair from Old Navy that were more gel-like than their normal flip-flops. Underneath each hole, there was a pretty deep space that provides plenty of room for your knots to be shoved into. If you're using other flip-flops, you may have to cut some space for your knot to go into (check out Make It and Love It's tutorial for more details on this). 

Then you'll want to take the two ends of your braid and shove them through the top hole on the flip-flops (that would be by your toes) using the scissors. Once you've gotten this through the hole, you'll want to tie them and secure them on the opposite side. You also want to cut off any lose or extra long pieces that seem to stick out. Make It and Love It suggested using a hot glue gun to secure them underneath. This is an excellent idea and if I were able to find my glue gun then I would definitely do this. 

Now you'll want to cut out four smaller strands. You'll use two strands per flip-flop. These are used to loop around the back portion of the braid and to secure the braid to the back part of the flip-flop as well. You can use your scissors again to insert these pieces into the two back holes. Tie them up underneath securely (and use a hot glue gun to secure them if you have one). 

Toward the front of your braid, you'll want to loop some thread around it. This will make it so that there is a sturdy spot for your toes to go around. 

Mine definitely aren't anything compared to the ones that Make It and Love It put together. It's the thought that counts, right? Does that saying work here? Well, you should definitely go and check out the rest of her flip-flop refashion series. Her blog is fantastic in general and I'm always finding stuff that I would love to make on there. I hope you guys found this idea as wonderful as I did.

Until next time. 

Make It and Love It: Flip-Flop Refashion Series


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