Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Week in Instagrams {Week 9+10}

1. I bought a coconut. I had never really done anything with a fresh coconut, so I wanted to try it out. Man, that thing was a pain. I ended up making these cookies topped with white chocolate and toasted coconut. I don't know if I will be buying fresh coconut again anytime soon. I probably just need to learn how to go about doing it the right way before giving up completely.

2. I've been trying to get to know my sewing machine still. I put together this (horrible) little tote bag. I thought it would be nice to have for when I go to the farmer's market. The learning process is pretty slow. I'm slowly realizing that there are some tools that I will need to get a hold of before I actually take on bigger projects.

3. We went out to eat to a restaurant last week called Adelino's Old World Kitchen. They serve tapas style dishes and it was a lot of fun to take part in. It was super delicious as well. This was my fancy little dessert that I got at the end of the night. It was so cute that I felt I needed to take a picture.

4. My friend, Sarah, moved last weekend. She now lives about 5 hours away from me. Sigh. I am super excited for her and husband though. I know they were excited to move and to start their new life together. I miss her already, but can't wait to hear about all that she is going to experience from here on out.

5. Casey came to visit! She had a week long vacation away from work and decided to come to Indiana. How sweet is she? Molly loved having visitors. Casey has a dog named Oscar that she brought along with her. Molly loved playing with him and they were pretty adorable together most of the week. I'm super sad Casey had to go back to Ohio, but I am so happy we had so much time together.

6. Molly was exhausted by the end of the week. I was pretty tired too. It feels like I've been sleeping for almost two days straight. Now that I am hopefully caught up on sleep, I will start paying more attention to you guys again. Sorry, again, for being away! I will be back again tomorrow with a new post.

Until next time.


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